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.aiba framing nino and nino desperately defends himself

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Aiba Boss will never scare anyone this information please ask Sho chan

and I wanna work with Aiba Boss 

" Love !!!! "

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Aiba edits from ARASHI at NATIONAL STADIUM photo book.

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Tennen x Grandma touching Ohno's precious thing ♥︎ 
[tennen appreciation post]
This will never get old no matter how many times I watch it lololol

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what will happen if you break a water balloon in zero gravity and 
trying to suck some of it
? ♥︎
[Tennen appreciation post]


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I missed their old shows, and I ended up watching G no Arashi’s New Year episode where Aiba created his own set of cards for Karuta. Then this happened. =))

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(Slightly out of context: Nino got most of the cards. XD)

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