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Arashi Blast in Hawaii

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"When it comes to Nino, I think of baseball. Because we often play baseball together, and he said “I wanted to become a professional baseball player” before. Have you given up on that dream already? I go out for meals with Nino a lot in our private time, don’t I. If I was a girl and I had to pick someone out of Arashi’s members to be my lover, it would probably be Nino. I can kind of imagine our conversations going smoothly for no particular reason. Over these 10 years, Nino’s love of games really haven’t changed, huh. Not only does it not change, you end up liking it more and more!? Lately you’ve gotten to the point of a pro with your magic too. Whether work or hobby, I think it’s amazing of Nino to be able to devote himself to a single thing. Ah, speaking of which, I’ve had underwear with the name “Ninomiya” in my drawer since ages ago, but whether it was me who took Nino’s underwear home by mistake or someone’s prank, the truth is a complete mystery.”

"You’re the first good friend I made since becoming a Jr. We used to always go to each other’s houses to play, and whenever you came across something unhappy you would show it even if you didn’t say anything about it, a look of unhappiness on your face. But you don’t do that anymore; without knowing when, you became a mature adult who knows how to bear it and hide what you think."

"As he plays his games, for some reason… he murmurs to himself. I can’t really hear what exactly he’s saying but I’m guessing he’s probably having a conversation with the game. Whenever i feel like playing a game next to Nino, I start hearing his voice.

—Speaking of Atarashii Arashi, Nino san will face a new year.
Jun: Congratulations!
Nino: Thank you. I received my first birthday message from Aiba san but, you were drunk, right?
: Uhhh, I think so.
Nino: Were you sleepy or were you drunk?…Feeling around, I took out my mobile phone. It was exactly when my birthday came, at around 12:14 am. It was the first one I received.
: From the four of us?
Nino: Nope, from all of my friends.
A: Oh? Amazing.
Nino: (reads out loud) “I’m sorry if it’s midnight. I hope hope this year becomes good for you.”
All: *roar of laughter*
Nino: I haven’t received any of those before. You only receive birthday greetings once a year so you back read them, you know. With what you’ve sent me, I will always see your typo.
: I think he was just trying to go with what’s in when it comes to text messaging. Like, “I hope hope tomorrow’s weather will be good~!”3
Aiba: *laughs* Ah, it’s good isn’t it. It will be forever etched in your memory.

Aiba Masaki on Ninomiya Kazunari

/3 daaays to goooooo~

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Are you well? How are you? Although we’re busy recently, I’ll go to meet you 

I’ll go to meet you~

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