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Finally got down to making the gifs for the second half of the sakumoto chorus foreplay interplay where Sho-kun *cough* takes control *cough*.

The part when Jun-chan takes the lead is here.

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What did you do that was fun lately?
Soaking up to my ears in the bath. Everything sounds different from how you’d normally hear things. Like the sound the water makes coming out of the faucet, or my own voice when I say “Ahh”. It’s fun. Heh, I’m such a gloomy guy. (laughs)


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100 Juntoshi Moments - 002/100

Ohno: Say three things that you want to change about Ohno Satoshi.
Jun: There aren’t three, there is only one. I want your skin to be whiter.


Jun: That was good! That was good, Riida.
Ohno: How did you know!

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Aiba: Is today… the dawn of a sleepless night for you?

Jun: Yes, I’m sorry! Sorry.

Aiba: You’re making the most amazing face, it’s a face like a wood-carving. Are you okay?

Jun: I worked from 6am to 4am.

(mago mago arashi 2006.12.09)

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